Chip and Camden

Our Story

Founded in 2017, High School friends Camden and Chip started Skeeter Ninjas as a mosquito treatment solution for the Atlanta and North Georgia area.  Camden, having seen the need for a quality mosquito treatment provider in the Atlanta area decided to take the leap and expand his business into the mosquito arena.  Knowing that his good buddy Chip had gained years of business experience in through his operating of a home care franchise decided that a partnership would be a great idea.  Together they are proud to present Skeeter Ninjas to the Atlanta and North Georgia area to handle all your mosquito treatment needs.

Meet the Team

Camden Johnson


Camden is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Building Construction and holds a Masters in Accounting. He brings to the table over 15 years of small business experience. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and two daughters.

Chip Head Shot

Chip Mitchell


Chip is based out Rome, GA and oversees the front office operations.  Having over 30 years of management experience in areas ranging from Home Care, Education, Property Management, Ministry, and the Non-profit area, Chip brings a vast array of ideas and business experience to Skeeter Ninjas. Chip hates mosquito bites and loves to see mosquitos die.

Fight the Bite!

If you would like to enjoy the outdoors again, call Skeeter Ninjas to “Fight the Bite” and reclaim your yard.

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